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Jukebox Trivia

A Music Trivia Game played in conjunction with DJ Services or on its own.  An exciting interactive evening for you guests!  Test their musical knowledge.  Below is a description on how the game is played.

Playing Music Trivia is simple, easy and fun!

Start by forming teams (There is no limit to the number of teams or how many members are in each team)

Give your team a Name!

Each Team should have a Category Selection Sheet (If your team does not yet have a category sheet please ask your Music Trivia Host for one)

Now You are Ready to Play!

The Music Trivia Host will set a pre-determined amount of rounds for your evening. In each round your team will have a to choose a specific category from the Category Sheet. For Example your team chooses a category (the 1970s). The Music Trivia Host will play a 30 to 60 second segment of a song which came from the 1970s. Your team must try to figure out the Name of the Song, Artist and in some rounds, the Year the song hit the Billboard charts.

When the song is completed the Music Trivia Host will pause the CD or Cassette and give you a minute to come up with your answers. Once you give your answer the Host will continue playing the CD or Cassette and the actual answer will be revealed.

For each correct answer you may receive points or prizes for your team.

With a points system you will receive points for each correct answer. For example: 10 points for the correct name of the song, 10 points for the correct artist, and 5 points for the correct year the song went to the billboard charts.

At the end of the pre-determined amount of rounds, the team with the most points wins the game!

Jukebox Billboard Bingo

Coming Soon!

Jukebox Tic-Tac-Tunes

Coming Soon!

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