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RSM Productions Celebrates its 17th Year in Business!!

RSM Productions was formed in March of 1988 and has grown to be the largest DJ Company on Vancouver Island and is now well on it's way to establishing a presence in The Okanagan Valley with the opening of our Kelowna Location in 2002 and a Vancouver Location in 2004.

RSM Productions is chosen to entertain the BC Summer Games!

RSM Productions is chosen for the 2nd time in its history to entertain at the BC Summer Games.  "It's a great feeling to know that you are one of the best!" says owner Rick Scheffers, "I can't wait to for the public to see what we have in store for them this time!"  Not only is RSM Productions performing with their Video Dance Party but RSM Productions is also operating a community events Radio through the entire BC Games.  "Opening and Closing Ceremonies are also going to be handled by our company." said Rick Scheffers, "I beleve we will be providing all the pyrotechinics as well!"  It's certainly a great contract for RSM Productions and we will benefit from this for years to come.

RSM Productions now able to provide Pyrotechnics!

As of this May, 2001 RSM Productions will be licensed to do Pyrotechnics. With this fireworks license we can make any event a spectacular event. Imagine 2 flashes shooting into the air just at that exact moment when you need some excitement. Its something that will yet again set RSM Productions apart from the competition!!

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