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Q: What is an LED Mobile Display?

Our LED Mobile Display is a flat panel display that utilizes light emitting diodes (LED) with a 3:91 pixel pitch, situated on a trailer for easy transportation and set up. This type of display is very efficient taking up less space, delivering a crisp image in full sunlight and naturally, in low light conditions.

Q: You state that your screens have a 3:91 pixel pitch. What is pixel pitch?

Pixel Pitch is the distance, in millimeters, from the center of one pixel to the center of the pixel adjacent to it, or simply the resolution of the screen.  The lower the pixel pitch the higher the resolution. You may have noticed in the past, that  LED screens were only viewable from a distance, and the closer that one got to the screen the more ‘pixilated’ the screen became; These screens, in the infancy of LED screens, had a high pixel pitch. With the advancement of technology, now, one can stand closer to the screen and still see a clear crisp image.  

Q: Why would I want to use this at my wedding?

The LED Mobile Display has a wide range of uses including weddings. At this point in time, when large gatherings are not allowed, and travelling is discouraged weddings have taken on a different tone. Our Mobile Display comes with a variety of options including cameras for live streaming to capture the important parts of your wedding. What better way to celebrate your special day by live streaming and having your guests appear on the screen, and they get to watch your service from the safety of their home.

Q: You state that this can be used for conferences and corporate meetings, how does it work?

As we noted above, this is a different time for gatherings. If your company usually holds their annual meetings in a large conference center and delegates come from far and away chances are that they will not be allowed to attend.  Instead of cancelling the event, you can employ our services and live stream the meeting/conference for those unable to attend in person in an interactive manner.  Those in attendance will be able to see and hear people on a large screen and not have to squint at their small monitors to see those in the web meeting.   

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